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Sunday, June 7, 2020

10 a.m. update on search for Sebastian Castro

Search operations resumed at 7 a.m., with five teams comprised of first responders and volunteers continuing land-based operations, and Vail Mountain Rescue resuming river operations. Four dog teams and multiple UAV (drone) teams will patrol the riverbanks, while land-based teams continue grid-based search efforts, including an extended area downstream into Garfield County.

Please do not fly personal drones in the area, as it will prevent aerial operations from taking place. Additionally, current high water levels have created extremely dangerous conditions in the river and along the riverbank, with numerous hazards identified. Please leave water-based activities to Vail Mountain Rescue professionals.

Additional resources, including Gypsum Fire Protection District, Routt County, the Grand County Sheriff’s Office, and Garfield County Search and Rescue joined the search effort yesterday.

Special thanks to the Frye family, who donated bottled water to keep searchers hydrated.