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Sunday, June 14, 2020

UPDATE 4:45pm 6/14/20 - Sebastian Rodriguez Castro Search

UPDATE 4:45pm 6/14/20 - Sebastian Rodriguez Castro Search

River levels have been rising due to warm temperatures and increased runoff, hindering search efforts. Greater Eagle Fire Protection District has continued to conduct land and water searches as call volume allows, while other resources (both humans and dogs) were given a much needed rest after pushing hard for 8 days.

Water operations have focused on a few specific areas, some of which are still very dangerous to search due to water levels. A few of these spots will require better water conditions before they can be searched safely

Numerous counties reported water-related incidents over the weekend, so search and rescue groups are being stretched thin. Please follow safety rules around the water, as unexpected weather can change conditions without warning.

Helicopters will search the area early tomorrow morning. Please do not fly drones in the area, as it will prevent aerial operations from taking place.