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Thursday, June 11, 2020

UPDATE 7:00 am, 6/11/20: Sebastian Rodriguez Castro Search

UPDATE 7:00 am, 6/11/20: Sebastian Rodriguez Castro Search

River operations continued yesterday, with Vail Mountain Rescue Group, Greater Eagle Fire Protection District, and Eagle River Fire Protection District searching the shorelines and islands. The night of Sebastian’s disappearance, river flows were in the neighborhood of 2000 cubic feet per second (cfs); yesterday flows had reduced to 1700 cfs, and the water had cleared significantly, allowing drone operations to provide some very successful video footage and preparations for river missions. Additional dogs were used to search the thick vegetation, downed trees, and other debris along the shoreline.

In addition to water operations, Eagle Police Chief Joey Staufer, Greater Eagle Fire Protection District Chief Doug Cupp and a representative from the FBI met with the family yesterday to answer questions regarding the investigation and search efforts. Family concerns regarding a number of rumors were discussed and inaccurate information that had made its way to the family was corrected.

The public information team has met with multiple members of the media over the past week, including local newspaper and radio stations, as well as Front Range television stations and the Univision Spanish television network (local and national). Flyers will also be posted at put in/take out spots along the river. Anyone who has information that may help in the search for Sebastian is asked to call the non-emergency number for Vail Public Safety Communications Center: (970) 479-2201.