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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

UPDATE 7:00pm, 6/10/20: Sebastian Rodriguez Castro Search

UPDATE 7:00pm, 6/10/20: Sebastian Rodriguez Castro Search

Crews continued searching the river today, focusing on high probability areas in and around the location where Sebastian was last seen. Firefighters from Greater Eagle Fire Protection District and Eagle River Fire Protection District joined Vail Mountain Rescue (VMR) to search the shoreline by foot and the river using paddles, poles and their hands to search under boulders and in debris. A VMR drone was deployed in the morning and was able to capture clear video of the river due to the dropping water levels.

Public safety officials are asking citizens not to search along the river for safety reasons. River levels are still high, and searchers are encountering a significant amount of underwater debris that is not visible from the surface. Should a member of the public become injured or need rescue, it would pull limited resources away from the search. The areas of focus are extremely high risk, so we are requesting that people leave the river search to the teams that are trained for these types of operations.

These weekend statistics from Vail Mountain Rescue Group highlight just a portion of the efforts of the team.
  • Number of boats launched: 10 Saturday/12 Sunday
  • Number of boat trips: 25 Saturday/26 Sunday
  • Number of dogs deployed: 3 Saturday/6 Sunday
  • Total person hours: 300 Saturday/300 Sunday
  • Total river miles: 152 Saturday/175 Sunday
  • Professional boat assistance: 12 Saturday/13 Sunday
  • Professional boat personnel hours: 96 Saturday/104 Sunday
  • Total personnel hours (Search & Rescue and professional combined): 396 Saturday/404 Sunday