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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Community members commended for reporting suspicious activity

The 2015 Alpine World Ski Championships are off to a great start! Vail Police Chief Dwight Henninger would like to thank community members for their vigilance in reporting all suspicious activity. Law enforcement agencies are encouraging the public to continue to be alert and report all suspicious behavior. Suspicious behavior may include the following:

  • Unauthorized entry into secured areas
  • Photographing areas that would not normally be of interest to the public
  • Individuals acting nervous or appearing out of place.
  • Individuals appearing to intentionally leave packages and backpacks unattended.
  • Individuals leaving vehicles in no parking areas or unusual places
  • If you do observe a suspicious package or backpack do not disturb the package but attempt to observe the following:
    • Is it in plain view or hidden?
    • Is it making a noise?
    • Do you see vapors or smell strange odors coming from the package?
    • Does the package have unusual bulges or protruding wires?

To report a suspicious package call 911.

Remember, securing the 2015 Alpine World Ski Championships is all our responsibility! “See something-say something!”