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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Partner Profile: Lone Star Security & Safety Services

Lone Star Security & Safety Services has been selected as the private protection company for the 2015 Alpine World Ski Championships. Working closely with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies as well as supervising a contingency of security volunteers, Lone Star’s 200 plus officers, supervisors and directors are on duty day and night throughout all venues and for all events. Lone Star Security officers have completed over 125,000 bag checks through Day 11.

Emphasizing security through safety and customer service, the men and women of Lone Star are trained for every situation from a lost child to a disgruntled guest. Lone Star’s security personnel check bags, secure venues and provide safe access for medical personnel in the event of an accident. Well-versed in situational awareness, incident de-escalation and customer satisfaction for those attending or working the numerous events and celebrations on and off the mountain, Lone Star Security creates a proactive and positive environment for the championships.

As one of Colorado’s largest security firms, Lone Star Security & Safety Services business philosophy begins with its employees and ends only after the event is over. From a full-time professional staff of specialists to an in-depth hiring and training process designed to attract only the best and brightest in the region, Lone Star prides itself on simply being the best.  By providing skill and knowledge in such areas as personal protection, property and facility safeguards, event management as well as the numerous training seminars offered, Lone Star is at the forefront of security and safety services. 

For more information on Lone Star Security & Safety Services go to or call direct to 1-800-783-1918.