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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Bomb Threats Being Reported Across the Nation, Local Officials Follow Protocol

On Thursday, December 13, 2018, law enforcement agencies throughout Eagle County responded to multiple reports of emails received containing a bomb threat. Officials responded to the threats per trained protocol with the community’s safety as a top priority. Following the investigation of all reports, it was determined that no credible threats existed.

Local officials and law enforcement agencies are asking the community to please remain vigilant if you receive the latest ‘Bomb Threat’ email that is being reported across the county, the state and the nation.  Please call 911 to report bomb threats being received locally. Law enforcement agencies will continue to investigate threats as needed. There is no need to evacuate unless you feel unsafe or are asked to do so by law enforcement.

If you notice anything suspicious or out of place, please notify authorities by calling 911 so that law enforcement can respond accordingly.  Reports are continuing to come in from individuals and businesses who are receiving emails containing bomb threats.  Due to the large volume of reports, local officials will appropriately scale response based on the evaluation of the threats received.